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Freyja Merryman is Back at The Rose Galleries – by Ranadeep

Freyja Merryman is a popular SL photographer. Her works are often inspired by her personal experiences in life and each one of them portrays a story filled with deep emotions. The Rose Galleries is proud to have her back in an exhibit that displays a collection of her works spanning over 4 years. You can find the beautiful and magical collection of Freyja’s works in Gallery 3.

Freyja Merryman

Freyja Merryman


Ermandalee’s SL Photos – by Ranadeep

Ermandalee, a fresh and talented SL Photographer, loves to explore the beautiful places like anyone else. The realization that some of these places will not be there forever, inspired her to start capturing them in photos. Soon she came across the huge SL community of artists and was motivated to learn and develop her skills with windlight settings and photo tools. The Rose Galleries welcome Ermandalee to exhibit a few of her beautiful works at Gallery #2.




JAM’s First Ever SL Exhibition – by Ranadeep

Gypsyjam01 Resident, or JAM as she prefers to be known as, has been in Second Life for just 2 months. A creative and talented RL artist, she enjoys working with all medium – acrylics, watercolours, ink and wash etc. She loves colours and often paints vibrant scenes that represent the way we see as children. The Rose Galleries is proud to host JAM’s first ever SL exhibition at Gallery #6 which shows a range of her works from acrylics to ink and effects to watercolours. Each of the paintings have a corresponding notecard that explains the concept or background of the work.

JAM Exhibition JAM Exhibition

Being the first of a very promising artist,  this is a highly recommended exhibition – a must watch!

Rage Darkstone – Abstract Drawings

From an early age, art was an integral part of Rage Darkstone’s identity. His father was an artist and Rage had the manual dexterity to start painting and drawing at the age of two.  For a long time, artistic expression was an unquestioned part of Rage’s life. This until he stopped doing art entirely. More recently, after a long hiatus,  Rage has returned to his artistic roots. He has begun to re-explore how he can project his deepest moods, his unconscious experience of his surroundings, and his inner-most dreams through his abstract drawings. A collection of his colourful abstracts are now on display at Rose Gallery #5.

Rage Darkstone at Rose Gallery

Rage Darkstone at Rose Gallery


Antenna Rae’s Abstracts

Antenna Rae, who started out as a scenic artist and properties artisan for theatre and opera companies in U.S., has been working with water colors in real life for 10 years now. As a person who is interested in color expression and  mood and in the balance or imbalance of light and dark, Antenna mostly shows her abstracts in SL. The beautiful works of Antenna Rae are now on display in Rose Gallery #4.

Antenna Rae Antenna Rae Antenna Rae

Please visit the Rose Theatre Galleries to see some her beautiful creations.


Sisi Biedermann – Visions 2020

It is not too often that we come across a real life art exhibition which is also simultaneously displayed in Second Life. But such is the case for Sisi Biedermann’s new exhibition – Visions 2020, a collection of 11 new acrylic on canvas by the popular artist who is presently showing the same works in a real life exhibition in Copenhagen. The exhibition opens tonight, 25th May at Gallery 7 from 1pm SLT.

Sisi Biedermann - Visions 2020

Sisi Biedermann - Visions 2020

Sisi Biedermann - Visions 2020

Sisi Biedermann says:

“These paintings were born because I was invited to attend a real life exhibition called “Visions 2020″ in Copenhagen.
The name comes from the size of the paintings. All must be the size 20×20 cm., and I could attend with minimum 10 paintings….The RL “Visions 2020″ had its opening on Friday, 23rd May and runs for 3 days, so it is rather funny to have an opening in the Rose at the same weekend with the same paintings.”



Nino Vichan – Desert Abstracts

The Rose Gallery is proud to present the latest works of Nino Vichan – Desert Abstracts! A collection of these beautiful artworks based on Nino’s experiences at the mountain ranges and deserts of Nevada  are now displayed at Gallery 8.

Nino Vichan - Desert Abstracts

Nino Vichan - Desert Abstracts


In his own words:

I created these abstract images as a reflection on my recent sojourn to the desert and mountain ranges of Nevada.

These images express my inner thoughts and feelings from that profound experience and go beyond the quotidian impressions of my visual sensory channel.

The White Spectral Line

The white line down the center of the stone hard pavement
pierced the vast, endless stretches of the high plateau
with the exactitude
of a surveyor’s laser sharp precision

The unyielding pavement carved a void
in which the velocity I traveled became
silent and still

I was lifted into the deep, enveloping, cobalt blue immensity
that etched the boundary of sky and earth
beyond the vanishing point of my perception

The clear white light of the sun
bathed the reddish brown soil of the high desert plateau,
miles above sea level,
with a solar energy
that liberated the refracted spectral waves
and set them shimmering

The intoxicatingly thin,
pure white air
vibrated with the deep reds and ethereal yellows
that were released from the dry cracked earth
in a riot of constantly blending hues
of orange and ochre

As evening fell, the shadows deepened
and reveled the rough-hewn textures of earth and sand
melding into the craggy purple rock sentinels
that stood as silent witnesses
to the plummeting temperatures,

as the frozen night air arrested all living movement

Ranadeep Assumes the Role of Curator at The Rose Galleries, by Kylie Sabra

I’m pleased to announce that Ranadeep will be taking on the role of The Rose Galleries Curator. I’ve been searching for a competent addition to the Rose Gallery team since I started my new business, Sabra Style, in February. Managing the galleries properly is no small task and I needed someone who not only possessed a passion for art in Second Life and was himself an artist, but someone with exceptional technical and organization skills. Gee. I don’t ask for much do I?

I met Ranadeep a few months back and was immediately impressed with his passion, his thoughtfulness and his work ethic as seen in his own gallery, Aakriti Arts. I made the offer and he graciously accepted and is The Rose Gallery Curator effective May 15, 2014.

So where do I fit in?  The galleries are Angel-family owned and operated, so I am still very much a part of the gallery. I will take on the title Rose Gallery Designer and will continue to build the galleries and exhibitions. Brittney Lynne serves as Personal Assistant to the team and is responsible for Facebook and in-world marketing. As well, she supports the marketing efforts of Sabra Style.

To be clear, Ranadeep is in all ways the Curator.  He will find and nurture talent, both new and established; maintain calendars; plan, host and schedule events. I have given him free rein. He has my utmost trust and I have his back. I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves. It’s almost as if you can see the hamster running on that wheel in his head.

Welcome to The Rose, Ranadeep.

Ranadeep, Curator, The Rose Galleries


A Word from Our New Curator

“It is an absolute honor to be offered to curate for the prestigious Rose Theatre Art Galleries – one of the most popular and widely acknowledged art galleries of Second Life. As the Curator, one of my priorities will be to keep the exhibitions in the galleries fresh and new as well as interesting, unique and exclusive as much as possible. I would like to see The Rose Galleries not only as a hub for grand exhibitions, but also a community where new talents are motivated and promoted. Hence I plan to exhibit new and talented artists along with well-established and popular ones.

“In addition to the Rose Galleries and the artists, I feel responsible toward the visitors and patrons as well. It is their love and acknowledgement that has always contributed to our success. I would aim to ensure that the visitors’ response to the exhibitions is enjoyable and inspiring. The Rose Theatre Art Galleries has won the Avi Choice Award twice in a row – I have big shoes to fill indeed – and I definitely intend to continue the legacy.”



Tyrehl Byk – Play, Laugh, Experience

Most art is meant to be enjoyed with the eyes, but Byk’s art invites us to revel, play, laugh and experience. Each piece is touchable and interactive. Bring friends and play in a pool filled with light and sound. The more the merrier.

Byk’s exhibit is in the Grand Exhibition Hall


In most cases, the particle sculptures you will be viewing will be touch activated by means of the buttons found on the base of the sculptures. In addition, many of the pieces have a built-in shroud that can be revealed or hidden via dedicated button. In cases where no buttons are seen, simply touching the piece will start/stop the particle effects.

GEH - Byk_004


GEH - Byk_003


GEH - Byk_005



This article sponsored by:  Sabra Style Boutique at The Rose Theatre.

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Lalie Sorbet – The World in a Drop of Water

Lalie Sorbet captures the world in a drop of water. I’ve always been a fan of macro photography–that ability to capture what most simply walk by without noticing. Sorbet is a master of her craft and this is an exhibition not to be missed. I’ve seldom seen real-life photography morph into virtual art with such visiual clarity. You’ll find Sorbet in Gallery Seven.

Gallery 5 - Lalie Sorbet_001


Gallery 5 - Lalie Sorbet_002


Gallery 5 - Lalie Sorbet_003



Lalie Sorbet lives and works in South India. She has this passion to create images .. Video, 3D, collage, painting, photography, She likes exploring all the possibilities of expression. Navigating between the world of insects, spiders, drops and humans beings she offers a sensitive eye. Those macro photographs have been taken in a little evergreen forest near the Bay of Bengal on the Coast of Coromandel.
Drops last only a brief moment and yet, I invite you to look more closely at these droplets that fertilize the earth and convey the memory of life in their wake. Nature collects them patiently on bent grass stalk and leaf’s welcoming hollow. According to the legend recorded by Homer they were Aurora’s tears, the goddess whose roseate fingers initiated the day..

Lalie Sorbet vit et travaille dans le sud de l’Inde. Elle a cette passion de créer des images. Video, 3D, collages, peinture, photographie, elle aime explorer les différentes possibilités d’expression. Entre le monde des insectes, des araignées, des gouttes de rosée et celui des humains, elle nous offre une regard sensible. Ces Macros ont été prises dans une petite forêt persistante tropicale près de la baie du Bengale sur la côte de Coromandel.
Les gouttes de rosée ne durent que l’espace d’un moment et pourtant je vous invite à regarder ces quelques gouttes de rosée qui fertilisent la terre et apportent dans leur sillage la mémoire de la vie. Au creux des feuilles telles des mains ouvertes, dans les herbes, patiemment la nature les recueille. Selon l’ancienne légende rapportée par Homère, se sont les larmes d’Aurore, la déesse aux doigts de rose qui ouvre les portes du jour..




This article sponsored by Sabra Style Boutique at The Rose Theatre.

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