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Sabra Style at BOSL’s Couture Boulevard

Originally posted on Sabra Style:

Why combine art and fashion? I absorbed myself in art immediately upon entering Second Life–building and opening my first art gallery less than a month in world. I’ve not stopped either. To me, fashion design is art, and I’m loving this new medium–passionate about it actually.

The new stores bring fine couture in an environment reminiscent of a beautiful modern art gallery.  The art featured on the outside of the stores is by Ranadeep; talented and renown fractal artist and Curator of the Rose Thearte Art Galleries. I am so thankful he has taken this role as it has freed me to pursue fashion design, while still creating the gallery designs. It’s the best of both worlds.

Sabra Style Evening at Couture Boulevard

Sabra Style Evening at Couture Boulevard

Sabra Style Casuals at Couture Boulevard

Sabra Style Casuals at Couture Boulevard


Kylie Sabra is an SL/RL graphic artist, Director and Gallery Designer of The Rose Art Gallery at The Rose Theatre and…

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Be a Dreamer – Members-only Recognition Program

Originally posted on Sabra Style:

Why join Sabra Style?

Sabra Style represents the “dream”–the dream of a an elegant lifestyle surrounded by the most beautiful and the best Second Life has to offer. I call Angel Manor my home and my family, and am deeply moved by its grandeur and beauty. It plays a major role in the development of my fashion line. If you’ve not been, I am extending my personal invitation to The Rose Theatre and Angel Manor.

Sabra Style Locations

Sabra Style Main Store
Sabra Style Casuals at Couture Boulevard

Sabra Style Casuals at Couture Boulevard

Sabra Style Casuals at Couture Boulevard

Sabra Style Evening at Couture Boulevard

Sabra Style Evening at Couture Boulevard

Sabra Style Evening at Couture Boulevard


COMMUNICATIONS; Only one weekly notecard with information on latest releases, fashion shows, blog posts, special events, news…

GROUP DISCOUNT: Receive 20% store credit at Sabra Style Group Vendors. This is in addition to your Loyalty Points, So your…

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Cullum Writer at The Rose Galleries


Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Cullum Writer is a very talented artist who has evolved from her basic inspiration of taking snapshots in SL to creating some really amazing works of art. Being naturally curious, Cullum ventured into trying new techniques – from fractals to collages, developing her graphic art immensely in the process. In her own words, “she found the happiness to capture and perpetuate images that touch her sensibility with the harmony and grace of their forms and colors.”

The Rose Theatre Art Galleries is proud to host the art of Cullum Writer, now in exhibit at Gallery #6. We are pleased to announce a reception party today, 17th September at 5pm SLT. The artist will be there for meet and greet and to answer any queries and DJ Ariana will be spinning some wonderful tunes for two hours. We invite you all to join us for a wonderful evening of art and music.



Olympe’s SL Photography & Kylie’s Exquisite Decor (by Ranadeep)

Art Photo Studio Flyer


Olympe, the popular gallerist and an extremely talented, well-known artist in Second Life, has an eye for capturing the most dramatic scenes in her SL photography. She has put up a set of her most dramatic works for exhibition at the Rose Theatre Grand Exhibition Hall which is exquisitely and specially designed by Kylie Sabra for this show. Together, it creates a fantastic aura of fantasy and drama that will take your breath away.

Today, 2nd September 2014, we, the team of Rose Theatre Art Galleries and Olympe, invite you to a reception party for this brilliant exhibition. The party will feature two hours of music by DJ Ariana, Olympe herself will be present for meet & greet and to answer any queries you might have about her work.

Date: Tuesday, 2nd September, 2014
Time: 1 – 3pm SLT
Venue: The Rose Theatre Grand Exhibition Hall



We look forward to see you at the reception!



Afterimage: Janine Portal’s New Works

Afterimage by Janine Portal

Janine Portal is one of the most talented and creative artists in SL. Although she is a real life artist with a degree in painting, her creative mind found out better ways to express her works with the help of various inworld resources that SL has to offer. These new possibilities helped her develop a very unique style that she is well known for today. 

Recently, Janine started displaying her new and very interesting works at The Rose Galleries in an exhibition, titled “Afterimage“. As per Wikipedia, an afterimage (or ghost image) is an optical illusion of an image that persists in one’s vision after the exposure to the original sight has ended. 

Janine Portal 01

Janine Portal 02

In her own words: 

“My artistic style of layering several images, one on top of the other, serves as a literal metaphor for many planes or realities existing in the same space or, as I’m implying in this show, the varieties of use and experience a single space might serve over time.

Where I stand, today, someone else may have stood, laughed, or cried, or contemplated their god. It’s possible they built a house right here, with their bare hands, just 100 years ago. A house already lost to time and decay and progress.

It’s not simply the recent past in which I’m interested. There are ancient echoes and energetic memories locked into walls and soil. Shadows cast. Echoes of risings and fallings, of laughter, birth and death. I believe everything is recorded somewhere, somehow, and much of it may still be playing in the background of that empty building or schoolyard or grove of trees.”

Intriguing, isn’t it?

There is a reception at The Rose Art Gallery #8 this evening at 5pm SLT where Janine herself would be present. We will have some music and a small party where you can meet and greet the artist and ask her more to know about her thoughts and her special works. Everyone is invited – Please do join us!

The Far Away – Again

Has there been a more photographed train in all of SL? I won’t answer that. It’s rhetorical anyway. I myself have shot it well more than once and here it is again. I love this magical, solitary engine left to rot in what to me, a native-born Kansan, appears to be a golden field of Kansas wheat.

Retired - by Kylie Addison Sabra. Contact the artist for information on purchasing in a variety of formats at or in-Second Life at Kylie Sabra

Retired – by Kylie Addison Sabra. Contact the artist for information on purchasing in a variety of formats at or in-Second Life at Kylie Sabra




Kylie Sabra is an SL/RL graphic artist, Manager and Gallery Designer of The Rose Art Gallery at The Rose Theatre and two-time Avi Choice Award winner.

Sabra Style at the beautiful Renaissance Galleria

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New Art Homes for Kylie Sabra and Ranadeep at The Rose Theatre & Art Galleries (by Kylie Sabra)

As many know, I get a bug to rearrange, redo, revamp, re-realize. Well the bug bit this week and I went to work on Randeep’s and my gallery. Larger and decidedly different. We strive to keep things fresh.

Ranadeep has moved in a new and brilliant show into Gallery # 1 (Take a left at the entrance).

Ranadeep - Gallery 1 - The Rose Theatre & Art Galleries

Ranadeep – Gallery 1 – The Rose Theatre & Art Galleries


I”ve moved into Gallery 5. ( Take at right at the main entrance). I’ve divided the gallery into two rooms. The first is for my latest work. The second room holds vendors with pretty much everything I’ve done in my time here.  Well, the good stuff anyway. They are divided into landscapes, people, abstracts and work specific to Angel Manor. It seemed the best way to manage my work in a small space. Here you’ll find a comfy area to sit, relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

Kylie Sabra Gallery - The New Room

Kylie Sabra Gallery – The New Room


Kylie Sabra Gallery at The Rose Theatre & Art Galleries - The "Not-So-New" room.

Kylie Sabra Gallery at The Rose Theatre & Art Galleries – The “Not-So-New” room.

Somewhere in Second Life – Photos by WuWai Chun



WuWai Chun is a German social scientist in real world. In Second Life, she is an amazing photographer who have learnt over the years how to take SL photos and post process them, turning them into pure form of art! Landscapes, buildings and artworks in Second Life inspire her and photography in SL has gradually become her passion. The Rose Theatre Art Gallery is proud to announce the official opening of WuWai Chun’s newest exhibition, Somewhere in Second Life, where she displays a series of amazing photos taken in various places inworld. Being the kind-hearted and passionate person that she is, WuWai is donating all the sale proceeds of this exhibition to Feed A Smile.

The exhibition opens on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 at 12noon SLT with two hours of musical extravaganza by Jana Kyomoon at The Rose Gallery #4. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the perfect mix of WuWai’s Art and Jana’s Music, collect some of these fantastic works and help WuWai donate to a noble cause!




Freyja Merryman is Back at The Rose Galleries – by Ranadeep

Freyja Merryman is a popular SL photographer. Her works are often inspired by her personal experiences in life and each one of them portrays a story filled with deep emotions. The Rose Galleries is proud to have her back in an exhibit that displays a collection of her works spanning over 4 years. You can find the beautiful and magical collection of Freyja’s works in Gallery 3.

Freyja Merryman

Freyja Merryman


Ermandalee’s SL Photos – by Ranadeep

Ermandalee, a fresh and talented SL Photographer, loves to explore the beautiful places like anyone else. The realization that some of these places will not be there forever, inspired her to start capturing them in photos. Soon she came across the huge SL community of artists and was motivated to learn and develop her skills with windlight settings and photo tools. The Rose Galleries welcome Ermandalee to exhibit a few of her beautiful works at Gallery #2.





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